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MustangLady | 13:00 Thu 18th Oct 2012 | Home & Garden
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Wanting to get a couple new heaters for my home (stand alone type) that isn't going to break the bank every time I use them. I've been looking at the oil radiators, electric heaters etc etc... Can anyone recommend a heating unit that I can use that isn't going to cost me a small fortune in electric every time I use it...?? thank you


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I have a couple of convector heaters which are thermostatic controlled,mine also have timers on them.
I find them VERY economical and heat the rooms up very quickly.
I am using them at the moment ,especially in the evenings ,instead of putting the central heating on.
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Thanks kloofnek. That's exactly what I want them for, I've not long moved into a new property and have storage heaters. I put them on once just to test them and it used so much electric I decided that wouldn't happen again!
Anyone else any suggestions, thanks :)
Any electric heater is going to be expensive, but as long as you have cheap night rate electricity then storage heaters will be the cheapest of the electrical heaters by far as long as they are used properly, i.e. you "charge" them up over night using cheap electricity and then open the output flaps during the day when heat is wanted.

If your storage heaters have a boost function that enables them to operate as "normal" heaters during the day and you used that they will use loads of electricity.
I remember when Storage heaters were the "thing"before central became popular.Didn`t think they were still around.
I have hate gas and would love to get rid of the central heating and put the new German electric radiators in which are very expensive to buy but very economical to run,apparently.
This last one comes in lovely colours.
I know I am getting away from the original question,.
Just something else ...MustangLady..the convector heaters are portable(can also be wall fixed)which is handy...
"new German electric radiators in which are very expensive to buy but very economical to run,apparently. "

All Electric heaters are 100% efficient, regardless of it being a "very expensive" German radiator (at possibly over £1000 for one rad!) or a £10 oil filled radiator from B&Q... if you put 1KW of power in you get 1KW of power out. no fancy expensive design can change this.

real time electric heaters are simply an expensive way to heat a house because the cost of electricity vs the cost of gas is higher for the amount of heat produced.
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Thanks all, interesting answers.
I understand perfectly whay you are saying ,chuckfickens,and I do know a lot about electricity and how it works...
But these convector heaters I have REALLY do not eat the electric.
Obviously,it helps that they are thermastically controlled.
I had a fan heater many moons ago,which wasn`t (old -fashioned) THAT really did cost a lot to run!!!
Kloof: I have a little electric heater as well that heats my cupboard - its called a 40W bulb. It uses very very little electricity, and it keeps it nice and cosy.

I can only endorce the answer by Chuck - which I am now sick to death of repeating on here. If your electric heater is not using off-peak electricity yet you find it 'very economical', it is either because the heat output in Watts is tiddly or someone has bypassed your electric meter.
My meter has not been bypassed at all.
I used to have on of these heaters on the wall,those with a black glass panel in front of it...very that ate the electricity!!!
Whether it is because of that one,I find these convector heaters cheap to run,I don`t know.
Bear in mind they are only on low to take the chill off the air whilst watching tv.
Soon they will be stored away when the central heating is on full time.

Also we must remember,what one person finds expensive ,could be different to the next person.
By the way,Buildersmate,there was no need to be sarcastic
We are all entitled to our personal opinions
Kloof, you previously stated this: - 'and I do know a lot about electricity and how it works... But these convector heaters I have REALLY do not eat the electric."

You are trying to present yourself as an expert on this subject when you are evidently not. By doing so, you are likely to mislead others.
Buildersmate,I am not pretending to be an expert on electricity only that I am not totally ignorant about it.I know my watts,amps kilowatts etc.Plus I can wire up plug sockets etc....and I am a woman!!
I was merely pointing out that I find my convector heaters economical as opposed to electric heaters I have had in the past.
I do not think we should fall out about this...what say you?
With electric heaters you get exactly what you pay for as regards watts per buck. All electric heaters apart from heat pumps are exactly the same in terms of efficiency with no exception. Built in thermostats and timers may make utilisation of the heat more efficient, but like for like the cheapest £20 heater is just as efficient as the most expensive German ceramic technology platinum plated uber gizmo. So, buy the cheapest nicest looking one (with handles, thermostat, timer, night light, USB hub, whatever)
I am actually referring to fan heaters I had in the way back past which had no relied on one to switch it off when room got too warm etc.
I have a couple of oil filled radiators which do a good job of keeping bedrooms warm and don't seem to cost much to run, deffo less than running central heating all night. they both have timers AND thermostats which helps to keep the cost down.
I have an oil-filled radiator as well.
It is definately a must to have thermostat and timers,allows one to adjust to ones heating needs,avoiding wasted energy.

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