do nails really kill trees

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lucygates | 11:54 Thu 09th Jun 2005 | Home & Garden
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I have been told that copper nails can kill trees, is this really true?  My daughter and I have just finished making a spiders web on a favourite tree using copper and brass nails!


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Copper is used by trees as nutrient, however that type of copper is usually absorbed through the root system.  It's not entirely clear if small amounts of copper from nails could be absorbed through the bark.  The major concern would be opening a wound that would allow bacteria, fungus or detrimental insects to enter the tree system...

From a quick nose about the web this does seem to be a bit of a myth - Copper in its metalic form does kill trees and other plants but it seems to need to be in quite high concentrations. is a list of this and some other tree myths

Wouldn't a copper nail be a 'high concentration'?  ;-)
no, because the amount that the tree could absorb would be limited
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Many thanks to all who replied, we have decided that the web can stay ;-)

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do nails really kill trees

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