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Ric.ror | 14:23 Tue 07th Jun 2005 | Home & Garden
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I know nothing about gardening but I would like to grow some hazelnuts in my garden. Where can I buy one on the internet and what type should I be looking for ?


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You need a male and a female tree or you will get no nuts. You should ask at a garden centre for advice.
i have got a hazelnut tree just one..i dont know about it being male or female its just a hazelnut tree..and i get loads of hazlenuts from for the problem late summer as the nuts are looking good along come the squirrells and steal the lot..they leave behind all the shell peelings and thats it..monty don the gardener has the same problem so he has about 20 trees so he manages to get some..i only have room for the one tree and it certainly crops heavy...

Same problem - one hazelnut tree - loads of nuts - very fat squirrels.

Are you allowed to keep Golden Eagles for pets? otherwise I'll just have to buy my nuts from Tesco!  

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Thank you all for that - I actually want them for the squirels !!!

You will never be squirreless again!

Make sure your roof has no easy entrance points otherwise you may get them building dreys up there.

There's nothing like the patter of tiny feet at 3 in the morning to make those bushy tailed tree rats seem less sweet.

Been there done that not fun!

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Oh - I never thought about that - city dweller that I am - What about these fox boxes then - they wont want to come in the house

No problem leave a few dead squirrels lying about the place - loads of foxes :c)

Watch your dustbins though!

There must be male trees somewhere within a couple of miles then. The pollen is windborne and can travel quite long distances. The male trees have different flowers than the female ones.

Some garden centres sell stock with male and female branches grafted onto the same tree these days.

Hiya all and hugs,

I am curious about the claim that hazelnut pollination is all windborne-is that opinion or fact?

I also wondered about saving money by looking on the net for suppliers of young hazelnuts instead of paying a lot more from a national retail group!

Here's an article explaining wind pollination in hazel trees. 

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