Wintering flowering pansies.

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Mirandajane | 12:11 Mon 13th Aug 2012 | Home & Garden
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My local shop is selling winter flowering pansies according to the notice.
The plants look OK and my summer plants look as if they have seen better days.
Are they likely to be winter flowering pansies as they are being sold in August?.



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Yes, I've found it's best to buy them early, get them established before the winter and enjoy them. All winter pansies hold back during the worst months, some may die if it's very severe weather, but they pick up agin in the spring and put on another show.
I knew you wouldn't leave us!
Yes, I doubt the shop would sell them as 'winter flowering' if they weren't but you can always look to see if other shops are selling them too if that would put your mind at rest You can buy them from Amazon too

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Wintering flowering pansies.

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