Boiling water tap

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Sheenamf | 13:33 Sat 11th Aug 2012 | Home & Garden
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Has anyone got one of these? Is it worth getting one and how useful are they.


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I think they are handy where lots of people need boiling water and a kettle might not hold enough / cause trailing flex hazards / accidentally not get filled and switched on so wasting half your break waitiing for the kettle to boil.
A boiling water tap ?, or do you mean a urn.
Tony, the ones I've seen are a box on the wall with an urn-type tap. Unlike an urn they don't store up water, heat it then dispense it, they do it 'on demand'.
Righto Mosaic, Don't think I've ever seen one.
Most school staffrooms now have them, for the above-mentioned reasons of speed, safety, and preventing fist-fights breaking out when the last cup gets taken before I get there.
Many youth hostels have access to instant hot water. I believe there are a number of instances where people have got scalded with them. Because of worktop access think carefully if young children are around.
We have one at work.

Bloody thing spends more time not working than it does working.
...and, if you are in a hard-water area, the results are poor.
That's the problem with the one we have at work, Ginge... we are in a hard water area and despite having a dedicated water softener (obviously not a salt based one) for the tap it just scales up constantly. I guess for people in soft water areas they would probably be more reliable.
Agree. If in a soft-water area with boiling-water needed for lots of people, not a bad idea. Otherwise, don't bother!
You mean one of those Quooker things ? Saw the ad and looked it up once. Saw the price and fell about laughing. I can wait for the kettle to boil.
We have a Quooker. I was very sceptical to begin with but am now a complete convert.

If you can take the financial hit, go for it.
We have the Quooker tap too. It is fantastic.
£500+ to buy + installation + they soon fur up...and they aint cheap to run......use the kettle...IMOH.
No installation cost - DIY (very straight forward) or take advantage of the many free installation deals.

Furring up? - I live in a hard water area and have had no problems.

Running costs - No worse than a kettle, probably better. Save water as no running off unnecessary water.
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Thanks for all your replies. I shall look up quooker to see if it's what I'm thinking of but ones I have looked at so far are around £300. Just fancied a gadget in my new kitchen, which won't happen for sometime but it's nice to imagine. Also it may stop mr f filling the kettle to the brim for one cuppa

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Boiling water tap

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