Having a problem with cat fouling? Try this!

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notlynx | 09:03 Sat 23rd Jun 2012 | Home & Garden
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I might be jumping the gun a bit here, but in desperation, after trying everything to stop cats from fouling my garden, I decided I would see if the powerful smell of Jeyes fluid would deter them. It should be handled with care, of course, so I made up a weak solution (after all, it's only the SMELL you need), and then dipped sheets of kitchen roll in it, and placed them around the places in the borders where the cats go. I weighted them down with a small stone and yes, it did look a bit odd, but the first morning - no fouling! It rained overnight but the sheets still smelt, so I left them another night - no fouling! Then I just sprinkled a little bit more fluid on them and now after three nights the only fouling was where one sheet had blown away.I should leave it longer of course before I can be sure, but it certainly seems to be working and I wanted to share the idea with others who suffer the same problem. Hopefully I will be able to remove the sheets when the cats have moved on! Good luck!


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Brilliant idea - will try this. Thanks for sharing :)
I think you will find that Jeyes fluid is poisonous to cats.
I should think Jeyes Fluid is poisonous to everything that lives and breathes.
Given the lack of dead cats reported above it seems that the creatures are savvy enough to avoid what will harm them.
With any luck they'll take their filth home and deposit it on the kitchen floor for loving, uncomplaining owners to clean up.
It's very difficult to poison a cat.
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There's really no need at all to worry about poisoning anything, the mixture is weak and the cats only sense the smell of it - not harmful in any way.I doubt if they actually go anywhere near it, a mere whiff is enough.
I used to deter cats from my garden by cutting bronze coloured wire coat hangers into 6" lengths and sticking them upright in the soil about 3" apart. The cats can walk through the garden but they get a jab up the rear if they try to crouch down low.
Being bronze coloured, you can't really see wires sticking up out of the soil.
Presumably, if this is worth the effort would really depend upon the size of your garden and how keen you are to do it?
I used to love the smell of Jeyes fluid.
a lot of local cats round this area have been poisoned by drinking antifreeze put down by someone, apparently its sweet and attracts the cats, this is awful for the owners of the cats the police have been involved but nothing has come up about it yet
If you still find poo in your border...have a word with traci66 :-)

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Having a problem with cat fouling? Try this!

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