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hammerman | 06:10 Sat 23rd Jun 2012 | Home & Garden
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I need to make up a fairly big notice board for work...probably 8 x 6 feet. It needs to be fairly permenant and strong enough to take a large cardboard wall planner among other things.

I was looking ar cork floor tiles glues to the wall but they only go to 4mm deep and im not sure that'll be deep enough to take a drawing pin !!!

Any suggestions ?




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Could you glue the cork to a piece of chipboard or similar first then hang/screw to wall?
I did this once in a classroom back in t' day when you were allowed to. Using the thinnest chipboard, screw to wall resting on skirting board. Paint with emulsion colour of choice.
Keep one eye out for the jobsworth who represents fire hazards as they will say 'you can't do that'.
You could always use 2 layers of tiles.
chipboard is a bit of a pain to get the pins in though.
click on pin board for info on the size and colours.

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DIY notice board

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