dahlia pests

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queenio | 19:26 Fri 22nd Jun 2012 | Home & Garden
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My friend has planted dahlias this year and they looked lovely till some pest started eating the leaves. They appear to leave the flower alone, but love the leaves, but she has never actually seen one. Is there a particular spray she should use?


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Probably earwigs.
could be earwigs but they also love the flowers so wont leave them alone. Could well be slugs, snails or caterpillars.
Definitely snails ............. I refuse to grow them any more for snails' breakfasts :)
fill a paper cup with straw put upside down on a stick by the plant and the earwigs will hide in there and can be disposed of as you wish
Slugs and snails. Earwigs just tend to live in the flowers and not eat the leaves. Fill a small beaker with about 1" of cheap beer and set it in the ground. Slugs will love it and drown in the beer.
Hedgehogs love beer too, and a drunk hedgehog has even less chance than normal of crossing our roads safely. Beer traps are very effective for getting rid of slugs, but please make them hedgehog-proof.

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dahlia pests

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