High Trees - new legislation?

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Mrs_Pegasus | 14:50 Sun 22nd May 2005 | Home & Garden
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At the back of our property we have some very tall evergreens.  (i think they are the mile-a-minute ones).  I have read somewhere that this year legislation is being brought it where these types of trees cannot exceed 8 ft.

The current height is level with the top of the roof on a 2 floor house and they do shade the garden and the back rooms of the house.

I havent spoken with the owner of the land behind because I want to get all my facts in order.  Other neighbours have agreed to sign a letter and negotiate with the owner so it wont only be me.

Anyone know of the rights and wrongs of the act and if it has come into force yet.


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There was a Private members Bill that got as far as a second reading in the Commons before being abandoned for lack of parliamentary time, so, no it never came to anything.  The Buiulding Research Establishment (BRE) has since devised a formula that involves the height of the trees and the distance from the window to the trees, but it isn't law, just recommendation. Check the BRE website for details.
Just had a look on Google and found this on the Governments 'Office of the Deputy Prime Minister' website.

It is advice about high hedges. Hope it helps you.

Good luck

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High Trees - new legislation?

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