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E.R. | 20:08 Sun 06th May 2012 | Home & Garden
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How can I help my 90 yr. old neighbour? She is receiving these marketing phone calls on a regular basis and they are really upsetting her. I have tried the internet on unwanted calls and got nowhere. She is a BT customer, I am not.
Would be very grateful for any suggestions.


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you can buy a little box that blocks the calls, it has lots of numbers preprogrammed into it and you just add more etc. not cheap, around the £80 mark, never had one, but reviews for it seem good. cant remem what they are called, but you should find them on a certain online auction site, otherwise google it, thats where i found it. was thinking of getting one for someone we know. try googling stop unwanted phone calls, or call blockers.
This won't stop all calls, but it will stop a lot of them. The person just has to register and it is free.
Unfortunately the Telephone Preference Service doesn't seem to block marketing calls from overseas. eg. The Indian Microsoft engineer who wants to mend/update my computer for me.
TPS is very good, or we pay £40 p.a. for Caller Preference Service, that really is an excellent service, we get very few calls now - and if any sneak through, we report them and they put a block on the number for future calls.
Try "" or Telephone Preference Service, or BT Privacy at Home ,
Try BT Privacy at Home ,, or
boxtops, where can i find out more about the service you pay £40 pa for please? this may be ideal for the people who we know who are totally fed up with these calls. thanks.
Mandy this is is the one we use (sorry, I got the company name wrong) - Call Prevention Registry http://www.callpreven...Yyx7K8CFVASfAodnVmt3A
I would say put an answerphone in, they soon hang up then, but it might be a bit difficult for an elderly person to operate.
As a quick solution to be going on with get an answerphone and tell her to screen all calls before she chooses to pick up. These kind of calls don't leave messages.
BT Privacy is all very well, it gives you a caller ID, but it doesn't stop the phone actually ringing in the first place. CPR for us has stopped all marketing calls, we find it well worth the money.
many thanks boxtops
TPS definitely hasn't worked for us. We've now gone ex.-directory but too early to say whether this will work. Have checked the box on the electoral register to say that our details are restricted. Anyone with other ideas to stop the nuisance calls would be most welcome!
Make sure they have caller display.

Each time a nuisance call is received, put the number into the electric phone book as Ignore 1, then next one as Ignore 2 etc.

If they call again, it shows on the phone, and can be comfortably ignored.
I am on all the UK blocking services, I have an answerphone which is virtually on all the time. I have also gone on the restricted electoral register. I get very few unwanted calls.
ask bt to go ex directory with a new phone number for her,
and to all who say use the "telephone preference service" it only works with the uk NOT from overseas, all the calls now appear come from India
No, there is a market research compnay called TNS and they ring from London.

They ignore the Telephone Preference Service
My nuisance calls were cut by about 98% when I registered with TPS (and our number is also a second number for himself's business so it is freely available all over the place).
TPS made a huge difference with us, really cut down the number of calls, we have caller ID so I don't answer any 0800 numbers. It could be worth a try
That's all very well giving the elderly lady techonology, I suspect it's be too much for her. I'd recommend ours even though you have to pay.

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