leather armchair peeling?

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brainwashed | 18:26 Tue 06th Mar 2012 | Home & Garden
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My leather armchair has started peeling. It looks like it must have some kind of plastic coating on not sure its the first time ive had leather upholstery. The armchairs about two years old and only recently started doing this, does anyone know how I might treat this?


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If you look on ebay or google for treatments for leather car seats there are kits you can buy with conditioners, fillers and polishes that should sort you out.
have you been treating it with an oil based cleaner ? if not guess thats why ours are 7 or so years old and still going strong. Lord Sherridan make a good lether balsam thats clear and wipes with the same product.
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Ill look at that car stuff thanks Shoota

Nannybooby your right the stuff I was given to clean and protect is not oil based perhaps its this product thats peeling off..
When you say it like a coat of paint peeling off, or can you see edges of leather? The reason I ask is some leather goods are made from 'bonded leather' rather than whole skins. Bonded leather is leather scraps pressed and glued together under pressure, then given a smooth shiny finish. However if it gets wet, the bonding can fail so the leather scraps start to part company with each other.
Properly coloured and finished leather should not peel so depending on how much you paid, how long ago, I'd go and have a talk with the shop you bought it from.
It sounds as though your upholstery is vinyl coated, quite common with cheaper leathers an great for wear and cleaning. The only problem is that the leather behind the vinyl does not benefit from any treatment you may apply to it so ti will eventually dry out completely and break down. For any other leather care I would recommend Dr Leather ( ) I have worked with Darryl Cassingham the owner of the company and can vouch for his knowledge of leather and his integrity.

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leather armchair peeling?

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