Washing Machine putting holes in clothes!

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Valeriea | 19:31 Thu 01st Mar 2012 | Home & Garden
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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right section but can anyone tell me why my washing machine is putting holes in my clothes?It seems to like my night dresses and pullovers best of all. Would putting them in a net bag protect them?


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check holes in drum. Kept happening to me and in the end found a wire out of bra was sticking out of hole. Also when putting bras in wash clip straps together.
Run your hand round the inside of the drum. It happened to me and one of the holes in the drum, where the hole is normally punched 'in', one had a bit of rough metal sticking out. I filed it down and it was fine.
Ah, just realised that could be what is happening to me as well...drum check is called for. Thanks 4get
"Run your hand round the inside of the drum"

I was going to say the same, but do it carefully, or better ball up a cloth and run that round the inside of the drum and see if it snags anywhere.
Check that the 'Paddles' inside the drum are still in place.
Some washing machines have plastic one that can come loose and need replaceing. If the plastic one come off it leaves a sharp hole where it is supposed to fit, I have a Hotpoint and this has happened twice so far both times it tore holes in the clothes. You can get replacement paddles they just clip in.
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Thanks everyone for your quick replies. I'm going to check the drum now!
Don't forget the back and front of the drum as sometimes the spot welds can break and leave sharp edges exposed.
I have had and still have exactly the same problem!! I also ran my hand round inside of drum and found nothing. Called an engineer out who also found nothing. Yet still the problem persists. Very very annoying!
And expensive. I just bought a new machine after the old one ate 3 expensive jumpers.
Also check the door seal for any damage. Items may be getting caught here.
I had this problem and it was definitely door seal damage.
I almost thought it was moths in the end, except for the fact that items which I know went in machine fine, came out with tiny holes!
Ours had a paddle missing and its making holes in my clothes grrrrrrrr ruined a vintage top xx

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Washing Machine putting holes in clothes!

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