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evertonsue | 10:50 Mon 09th May 2005 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone have underfloor heating. I can't get mine to heat up, the boiler is working and I've read the manual back to frount, can anyone help?


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sounds like air build up?is it a domestic system? try and bleed the air out of all the radiators in the house.

Radiators under the floor??????
get a grip snoteater !!! you can have radiators and underfloor heating in the same system !!!!  
Is the pump working? Check it out.
Sometimes you can have a different zone for the underfloor heating which will mean a separate motorised valve.If this valve is this valve is jammed in the closed position it will not open up to allow circulation round the underfloor pipes.Another thing is underfloor heating pipes tend to get blocked easily so it might be worth while checking the state of the system water.Check if the pump is running ok & if its on a low setting turn it up to the maximun settingand see if it makes any difference.Also check if you havnt got two pumps on the system as some underfloor heating circuits have their own pump which will only kick in when the underfloor heating stat has been turned on.If a thermostat/timer for the underfloor heating is installed check it to make sure it activates the boiler.I could go on all day so try these and goodluck
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Thanks everyone but it turns out that underfloor heating takes at least a day to heat up properly especially if its been docile for a while. I must say I'd much prefer radiators!!!!!

Underfloor Heating works very well if;

  • The system has been designed with all heat losses calculated.
  • The system is left on in cold weather and switched on /off by a clockstat and /or a thermostat in the room or rooms.
  • The floor temp should not exceed 29'C (no hotter than your hand).
  • The system should be installed and wired to the manufacturers instructions.

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Underfloor heating

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