Leather jacket revival

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needawin | 11:43 Sat 11th Feb 2012 | Home & Garden
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Bought a leather jacket for my wife in a charity shop. Black 100% leather. It is in good nick but I would like to add that special "zing" to it. Anyone advise what I can put on it to bring it to life. Nothing that will stain or smell. Thanks.


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Thought that the fashion was for a leather jacket to look a bit 'stressed'
A leather product available here in the U.S. is called "Mink Oil"... it comes in a flattish can like shoe polish, has no odor and is easy to apply. Does wonders for any leather. Treat only a smallish area at a time rather than the whole thing. Using a soft cloth, apply some to an area maybe 10 inches square or half a sleeve and rub it in for a minute or so. Move on to another area, finishing the jacket. Then, using a clean, dry soft cloth go back over it and rub it to assure there's no excess. Hang the jacket and leave it for a day or so for the leather to absorb the oils and clean it once last time. Hopefully the product is available in the U.K.
is that so called because it makes a man feel like he's wearing the equivalent of a mink coat, Clanad?
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Well... maybe one that's been skinned, jno...
I personally wouldn't put mink oil on a leather coat, I've found these two products to be much better
or this is supposed to be very good, but I haven't tried it.
Of course not using mink oil is only my preference based mainly on what it actually is.
The mink oil might be good stuff for leather coats but it sounds a bit like hard work to me.
Being a bit of a skinflint and a lazy B...., I'd be inclined to try one of those sponge pads impregnated with a silicone product which adds a nice easy shine to any colour of leather shoe. I think Cherry Blossom do one but they have them in Wilkinson's.
How do Girls get Minks ?
The same way that Minks get Minks !
Sorry that was too good to miss .
Mink oil is a better option. You can apply this using a clean white cloth in one area only before applying to the whole jacket. This is to see if the oil can make damage on your leather. Remember to apply in circular motion. then let it dry. When it dries, apply leather conditioner to make your jacket water and wear resistant.
I also have this leather jacket I bought from that needs some shining effect. Someone advised me to apply leather conditioner so I bought one and it really did work. It is like a brand new jacket again and also water proof. It brings no stain or damage to the jacket, It is really effective.

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Leather jacket revival

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