What plants do cats hate?

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helpme! | 11:04 Fri 06th May 2005 | Home & Garden
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A friend of mine is having problems with unwelcome cats visiting her garden. She has heard there is a plant for your garden which cats hate the smell of and will avoid. Any ideas what the plant is called or any other suggestions for keeping cats at bay?


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apparently the pollen from lily of the valley is poisonous when ingested by cats........

Cats don't like the smell of oranges , I haven't tried it but orange peel spread around is supposed to keep them off the garden. I have two cats and I find dense planting helps. If I see them scrapping a stone up the jacket deters them!

As normyc says, the lily pollen is highly dangerous to cats. Please do not plant any just to give cats a slow and painful death, please just accept the kind advice given by other posters.
I agree with tetherend, it would be so cruel to try and keep them away by murdering them. Besides, if you get rid of one cat (or however many) in that way, then once they are gone, more cats will take over the territory.

I don't know what plant cats hate, but I know some of them love cat mint (probably where it got its name), so tell your friend not to plant that! One of mine used to go bananas when I planted some: rubbed around in it and generally loved it to death, in fact. I managed to salvage a small piece and it's now growing happily in a container.

I hope your friend finds a solution soon.
greenfingers - you mean cats actually sh!t in their own gardens as well as everyone elses! maybe there is some justice.

sorry tetherend/dmsjps, i am not a cat fan, in fact I hate them.

Cat faeces is very poisonous to young and unborm children, and is a regular visitor in my garden. I would much prefer them to die quickly.

We use a product called 'Get Off'. It comes in spray or crystal form.

Nuclear power plants.

They can't stand them.

Hi Helpme!

Funnily enough, my boss asked me this the other week. I found this web page for her:

The plant is called 'Scardy Cat' or Coleus canina.

Your friend will need to make sure she clears her garden of as much poop as she can before she tries anything and to keep on top of it and hopefully the problem will be solved :o)

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Try a plant called coleus canina ornatus. I am just going out to buy some after spending the best part of last week- end chasing cats away from baby birds in my garden. It has varigated leaves and little blue flowers. It also keeps dogs away. I have read up on this plant and it is supposed to be harmless.

I like the idea of a nuclear powerplant, though a bit extreme.
thanks for the tips guys. completely desperate, so i will try anything. old gardeners tip is to try mothballs but they are now banned from sale. have bought every packet in town before they run out. will let you know if they work. i do like cats. we feed mr biggles every day outside our shop, but the cats in our neighbourhood have cost me hundreds of pounds over the last few years and i am completely frustrated.
ive herd even a small amount of antifreeze coolant will kill a cat so whatever you do dont mix it in some whiskas and leave outside for them to eat because that just wouldnt be right

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What plants do cats hate?

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