Cleaning grout lines on bathroom tiles.

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derekpara | 11:17 Sat 14th Jan 2012 | Home & Garden
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Any suggestions for effective ways of cleaning bathroom tile grout lines ? (Light mold staining etc )




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grout pencil?
or pen?
Paint thick loo bleach on, leave for a while then rinse well.Wear old clothes and use gloves and a cheap paintbrush...I know, teach your grandmother but i have the posh sweatshirt with white marks on to remind me......
Grout revive - tedious but it works.
believe it or not - toothpaste
neat thick loo bleach and a toothbrush.
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Thanks to you all.

Grot Buster it is, I think.

Sometimes a good scrub using straight Vim or Ajax scouring powder and a dampened stiff-bristled nail-brush is quite effective.
Nail brush and bath cleaner work for me.
shaving foam and a toothbrush
Always used thick bleach and a toothbrush - great results.
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Cleaning grout lines on bathroom tiles.

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