What is a fair daily rate of pay ?

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derekpara | 22:16 Wed 11th Jan 2012 | Home & Garden
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For a good handyman (person !) who does electrical, plumbing, decorating etc. ?


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Reckon middle of the road rate would be about £12 per hour?
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Thanks, Maggie. Ive been quoted £240 a day ! (8 hours)
I'm in the wrong job!

£85-£100 for day... in cash of course....
It might depend what part of the country you're in. Here in East Anglia, jobs for graduates, with several years experience and taking on considerable responsibilities, often don't pay much more than £7 per hour, so pay rates in general are quite low.

A guy I know was charging £8 per hour for such work a few years ago. With the competition for work I'd expect that his rate is still no more than £10 per hour. But rates could be considerably higher elsewhere.
For a handyman, up to 100/day depending on the job, does it involve supply of own tools, removal of rubbish to tip, etc.
For an electrician, carpenter or plumber, etc, sky's the limit.
Don't forget any electrical work now has to be done by a qualified person.
Only new electrical work needs to be carried out by (or certified by) a qualified professional, MadMaggot. Jobs like changing switches and sockets can be done by anyone.
Yeah I thought that too Chris, I thought also that things only had to be signed off by somone qualified not actually completely done by them.
Qualified plumber in Kent £20 per hour also does carpentry , that's me paying cash to him, which I think is fair, maybe a good idea to get a price on the whole job , Just in case they hang it out could work out to be very expensive at £30 per hour.
I agree plumbers rates are higher than general handyman or decorator.
I've got a friend who's a qualified plumber. He used to run his own business but he now works for a big company, while still doing some private work in the evenings or weekends. Two years ago he was charging £10 per hour.
I think that's really low, Chris. Cleaners charge £12 an hour these days.
For odd jobs about £10 per hour plus plenty of tea, plumbing and electrical work £20 and cake.
maidup...I agree..and anything that needs a ladder deserves a kit kat too !!!
Not round here they don't, Notafish!
(Unless they're working through an agency).

As an example of pay rates in East Anglia, I'll tell you about some jobs in a new shop that were recently advertised around here. Most staff were to be paid £6.08 per hour (the legal minimum for adult workers), with supervisors offered £6.13 per hour and the manager (who was to be a keyholder, working unsocial hours and responsible for all VAT returns, etc) paid £6.20 per hour.

Those rates are fairly typical here in Suffolk. A couple of years ago the biggest Ford dealership in East Anglia (for whom I was working as a relief van driver) advertised for a graphic designer. They required a graduate, with additional qualifications in specific design packages, plus a minimum of 3 years experience, to largely take charge of their advertising requirements. The pay offered was £14,000p.a.

Over 10 years ago I saw warehouse jobs advertised close to Heathrow at £18 per hour. Around here the CURRENT rate for such jobs £6.50 per hour for someone with a fork-lift licence, previous experience, working nights.

Cleaners? Currently £6.08 to £6.50 per hour (with just a few £7 per hour posts available).
I'm in South East Essex, so perhaps it's different here.
You're not wrong Chris, but we're not talking about rates of pay for jobs we're talking about rates of pay for self employed service people. Its not quite the same really.

I'm in East Anglia too and I don't think you'd get someone decent come to your house, use their own tools, their fuel and their time for less than about £10 an hour, unless you know them.
South-east Essex, Notafish?

I do know that pay rates are noticeably higher in Southend (where I've got relatives) than they are around here.

Annoyingly other things seem to be a lot cheaper down your way. (A jacket potato with cheese, plus salad, cost me £2.99 in a basic café in Grays a few weeks ago. In Ipswich it's typically around £4.75). We get the lowest wages and the highest prices here in Suffolk :(
notafish, here in Edinburgh Molly Maids charge £20 per hour, and even then they don't do the job right! lol

I think pricing the job as a whole is probably a good idea, and demand loads of tea and cake, that's agiven!
Yes, as my first post indicated, Maidup, a tenner per hour in East Anglia is probably reasonable. (Even plumbers are fairly cheap. Perhaps that because you need to speak Polish or Portuguese in order to visit somewhere like Thetford these days?)

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