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coccinelle | 17:25 Sat 26th Nov 2011 | Home & Garden
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I'm going to replant the entrance to my house. Not a front garden but between the drive and backdoor. I'd like as many ideas that you can come up with so this area always smells nice. This means plants that smell strong and don't have to put your nose upto. My first priorities will be a Daphne and a Honeysuckle. I already have a Jasmine, Wisteria, Mexican Orange and Philadelphus. Do you know any flowers that smell strongly and a strong smelling rose?


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Lavendar? (excuse spelling!)
possibly with an e on the end :o)
I think there's a nicotine plant that has a strong aroma at nght
Magnolia (Stellata if you prefer a small bush) : )
Caryopteris Clandonensis (for aromatic foliage)
Mahonia .. (large tho .. and yellow)
Clematis Armandii.
Cannabis variants.
Dapne is tricky.
Any of the old moss roses .. Like Madame Plantier.
Nicotiana .. but not as strong as people think.

Stocks .. F1 are best.
Some Nemesias have a beautiful strong scent (not sure which ones) and I have a Blue Moon Rose which also has a strong fragrant scent.

Maybe it was this I was thinking about
Nicotiana,Lavender and Thyme
Underplant with lavender and there is a lovely white rose that flowers right up till Christmas whose name escapes me. It has the most beautiful smell. Perhaps someone else knows which one I mean.
Here's a list of the best-smelling roses by colour.
Garden mint
CHEESE plant
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Thank you. I've already got the jasmine sara. Lavander is a good choice especially if you have to brush passed it. Nicotiana is a risky one as I've noticed some smell and some don't. Night scented stocks! I forgot about those. ladybirder, hope you can come up with the name of the rose. I have a Mahonia tooand why albags do you think Daphne is tricky?
Please keep thinking. Any spring flowers smell nice? Some hyacinths smell strong but do you know which ones?
I'll second lavender, but what about some mint. You can get varieties with pretty shaped or coloured leaves and often with a hint of something else, such as applemint.

Sage is nice, as is lemon verbena.

The advantage with most herbs is that you can also use them in cooking.
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Mint is an idea but it tends to run. Anybody know of one that doesn't? Do like sage & onion stuffing so a good idea. A CHEESE plant????
Yes the Roquefort is particularly pleasing.

GOT IT - the rose is the the Iceberg - smells divine, is hardy, and flowers for months on end. I think you can get a climber or a standard.

And what about some freesias, gorgeous smell.
Ok...scented plants. Trachelospermum jasminoides, sarcococca hookeriana, mahonia....most species smell nice, Eleagnus ebingii, all philadelphus sp,

Don't forget spring flowering bulbs such hyacinths and scented Daffs such as paperwhite or cheefulness.
Cheese plant .. a private joke with Karen.
I just totally misread that as ' Strong Smelling Pants' ande thought What The Funicular???

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Strong smelling plants

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