Real wooden floors....what an excellent idea for a childless couple...

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Mosaic | 17:41 Thu 03rd Nov 2011 | Home & Garden
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..but not for a growing family in a semi! Our next-doors are excellent in every respect, but now that their little one is toddling and toy-chucking, I sometimes think back fondly to the days when a fitted carpet was all the rage.
Give it 18 years, it will pass.


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Real wooden floors are a menace in semis or in houses converted into flats.
How fashions change, in my young days floorboards were a sign of poverty.
Stairs are even worse, Mosers. I've made a few staircases, and within a few days they'd carpeted them ......... even an oak one :o(
I love my wooden floors, would never go back to fitted carpets.
Had the same with my neighbours, could even hear her clop clop clopping around in her shoes.

Thankfully they put carpets down after a year or so - she said the wooden floor was more high maintenance than carpets. And her dog kept skidding, and his claws tink tink tinking over the floor drove them mad.
I regularly have things clattering across the floor next door at 1am... Talk about bumps in the night!
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Builder - that just leaves me speechless! Money and sense not in equal measure....
Thing is as well, I'm quite sure these 'feature' rugs you see on wooden floor are a skiddy-trip hazrd waiting to happen. Oooh, I remember tripping over a bearskin rug when I was a toddler - right next to a tiled hearth....ouchy.
But it's also how times change, as Brenden says....when I'm decorating I often get down to the original floorboards and they were hacked abut something chronic by 1960's central heating, rewiring jobs etc - such a shame, so better covered up now in any case.

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Real wooden floors....what an excellent idea for a childless couple...

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