handle dropped out of mixer tap

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bongoboy | 19:09 Wed 05th Oct 2011 | Home & Garden
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this is the mixer tap i have

the handle/lever dropped out into the basin. the handle has a threaded part at the end which goes into a hole in the main body of the tap.
i cannot screw it back in as the hole is to large and there doesn't seem to be any thread in the receiving hole, i assume some sort of threaded receiving sleeve must have fallen down the plug hole.

does anyone know what the receiving sleeve may be called as i don't want to have to buy a new tap.

many thanks


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Metal Araldite should fix it once and for all!
15:41 Thu 06th Oct 2011
i had this recently happen in my rented property and the tap was just replaced, mine detached at the knuckle and I don't think it was fixable
but you say it's the handle, mine have screwed in before, is the piece/washer/sleeve still in the pipework under the sink, in the u bend bit?
Yes, these usually just screw in. Perhaps there's an "insert" that the handle screws into. That's bad, it shouldn't come out so easily.
If you have no luck finding a replacement, come back and we'll try and figure out a fix.
If you go to Wicks and buy a small rool of plummers tape that you wrap aound the male part thread of the tap, should hold tightly.
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thanks for all your answers

carlton23, i have been using the plummers tape for a few days but it still gets loose and drops out again.

phoned the plumbing shop, he said it should just screw in, and told us how to remove the top of the tap, (by removing the red/blue hot /cold circle to reveal a screw) didn't even know that it was there. my husband has had a look but it just seems the thread inside the top of the tap is worn, suppose we will end up with a new tap.

thanks again everyone
Metal Araldite should fix it once and for all!
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mjwman, thanks very much for the reply, my husband bought some Metal Araldite today put some thin wire in the hole to pack it out slightly and it has worked a treat, the tap lever is solid as a rock now.

thanks again

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handle dropped out of mixer tap

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