Scented Sachets - How to make?

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sfulton | 18:07 Mon 03rd Oct 2011 | Home & Garden
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Hi, I'd like to make small scented sachets (i.e. cinnamon) to sell at a craft fair. Has anyone any idea of what I use to fill the sachet. I reckon ordinary cinnamon would stain the cotton frabic I intend to use.


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If you want to use Cinnamon have a look here . Use the sticks .
Have you got lavender in your garden ?
If you have ,although it's a bit late now ,you can cut and dry the lavender ,then strip off the dried flowers and use that to fill your sachets
Lavender . Dried leaves of balm or mint. Rose petals, dried. Broken but not powdered cloves, chunks but not powdered cinnamon sticks, thin-sliced dried small quinces, apple pips ( dried) , orange peel dried until it is brittle, similarly lime or lemon peel. The stuff inside will only stain the bags if you let them get wet.
Or use the sort of patterned fabric which folkuse for patchwork. Nothing will show.
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Many thanks for your help. Loads of ideas.
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Scented Sachets - How to make?

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