How to blank a plug socket

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bertiemje | 17:25 Sun 25th Sep 2011 | Home & Garden
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Hi. I'm coverting a bedroom into a bathroom. The only thing I am unsure of is how to blank the old sockets. Before it is said it will be checked by an electrician and signed off after. Please help


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Remove socket plate. Disconnect wires. Terminate wires into a piece of 15A connector strip
Fit socket blanking plate:

I'd disagree mainly on the first part.....I'd get the electrician to disconnect the feed to them totally then either blank as above, or fill and skim over, your choice on that depending on the finished look you want.

I'd also pull the wire out to save any possible confusion at a later time.
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I have floor boards up at mo. Could I pull wires through and put the into a junction box?
If you can actually remove the wires altogether it would probably keep the 'theoretical' electricians happiest. However (in the real world) terminating them into a junction box should do the job just as well.
dont remove wires if they are part of a circuit. 1st answer fine
Yes .. as spark says.
You can't disconnect cables 'just like that' in a ring circuit.
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Do I need to seal the blank plate to stop moisture
It shouldn't be necessary to seal the plate. You'll still have live wires feeding the light fittings but I'm sure that it would never occur to you to try to find a way to seal those fittings. (i.e. a bit of moisture around properly terminated electrical cables shouldn't give any great cause for concern).
You can remove the ears from the knock-out box and fit a plate into the opening over the terminal strip. Then plaster over it flush with existing plaster. Feather edges of old plaster.
You're worrying too much : )
When I did that I simply rerouted the incoming cable to bypass the new bathroom so that it was no longer part of the ring main circuit. I could then remove all cables/boxes etc. in the new bathroom and make good.

If you have floorboards already up, that'd be my choice.
^ Providing cables to old box are long enough.
Some would just junction box them up under floorboards .. the other way.
That is true. But my outlook is to be uncomfortable with connections hidden away under floorboards where one can't see or easily get to them.

Should both the existing cables be too short my preference is to chop out the plaster to the 2 affected sockets, and replacing the existing 2 pieces of cable with one of the required length and correct mm. Plastering/filling it all back up again is simple enough, and so is hiding the work behind a table or chair until the room next gets decorated.
Buen....."you will still have wires going to the light fittings"....from a socket circuit?...who wired your house?......OG gives the best answer.
Dont make cable joints inaccessible as they could cause future problems.

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How to blank a plug socket

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