Arghhh what have I done?

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Eve | 17:32 Sun 25th Sep 2011 | Home & Garden
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Just had a sheer frustration moment over my garden which is just beyond me at the moment.

Tried to get out and do some today but my stupid arthritis won and in a real fed up moment I rang the number of an advert which had been put through the door asking about an estimate to see how much it'd cost for someone to come and tidy it all up ready for winter.

The guy said they would come round and have a look and give a quote. After giving me a quote (£60 - there is quite a bit of work needs doing but I'm not even sure what a reasonable quote is) we were discussing when he could do it. He suggested tomorrow, I said I was working but off Tuesday so he could do it then and he started asking me a load of questions about what I did and where and how many days a week I worked which raised alarm bells in case he was casing the place! He didn't speak great English and it was a bit of a confused conversation.

I know, I've probably watched too much Law and Order and CSI and that but I'm panicking a bit now.

When I got a bit worried with the work questions I said I often work from home and am in and out but couldn't do tomorrow as would need to pop out and get work to bring home and such and would want to be there all the time if someone was there hence why it wasn't feasible.

I'm not sure what to do now, whether I let him come (I have a boiler service too) and see if a friend can come over while he is here (preferably a big burly male one?) though most/all will be working or away - or cancel though I'm then worried he might get arsey and of course knows my address and mobile number.

I'm wondering if I should cancel and try and get quotes from more established companies and leave him a message with some excuse trying to incorporate a suggestion of say a man living here as well and not saying I won't be in or something or whether I'm just being a bit silly and feeling vulnerable as I'm a female living alone. Any advice welcome!


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Can you call and cancel, spur of the moment decisions can be problematic in so far you didn't have time to evaluate and look for other quotes, or if that isnt possible, perhaps get a friend in and if the bloke turns up, tell them you changed your mind. It's not written in stone..
Oh dear Jenna. I can see why you are worried but don't forget, You know his number and maybe his van/car registration and his name.
I think by telling him that you often work from home and are in and out should be sufficient to put him off ii he had any unscrupulous thoughts. He would not want to take any risk that you could walk in at any moment. If you decide to let him go ahead while he is there, let him engage you in conversation, but carefully answer along the lines you have but, add that you often have colleagues working alongside you in the house.
Can't you take a 'sick day' from work ? You should have made up a fictional worrying though.....what to do....
If you do let him in your house, dont let him go anywhere on his own (apart from the loo !) he could be snooping around if you dont keep an eye on him....
I have done that, spur of the moment decision, then realised made a mistake, just phoned the person and said i had changed my mind.
If you do decide to let him do your garden ask him his name and address etc and let him see you writing it down. Then if the worst thing happens, (and it probably won't), you have all his details to report. He will know you know who he is.
Cancel him, why would a gardener (if he is actually a real one) ask such questions about your movements?
Well, you certainly dont get much work done for £60 normally! I would worry that it maybe a bit of a DIY. job, is this guy actually a gardener?
Jenna - £60 is less than a day's work for most people - this suggests he may be very keen to get the job cos he doesn't have N insurance, pay tax etc. You have a phone number, so use it and ask him to supply references. There is a lot involved in employing unknown people (some are great btw) but you have to cover yourself - what happens if he has an accident whilst on your property? IMHO - I wouldn't have him working for me.
chrissa1....he might give false details
Hi jenna,
it may well be a reasonable quote. When a garden is a little unruly .. first visits can be more expensive than subsequent ones. I don't think it would do any harm though to ring round for other quotes to put your mind at rest. Not to worry, call him and cancel for the time being. Get some more quotes.
Get a bloke to call him and cancel.
You dont owe him anything jenna. Give him that phone call and cancel if your really that worried. I'm sure you'll be ok, try not worry too much x
£60 to sort out a garden doesn't seem right to me - can't see anywhere where it says £60 a day - how many days work is it Jenna - was he quoting you per day or for the job?
As chuck says --get a man to ring him --thats even better x
I live in my own and as my usual gardener kept letting me down I picked a new one out from an advert in the Local Link magazine. He and his 2 helpers spent 2 hours sorting my garden out and charged me £45...........and he is a real gardener.
*trying hard to resist obvious bush type jokes*
Chuck since I got the new man in my shrubbery has never looked so good :-)
if you are worried about cancelling ... as others have suggested get someone to make the call for you ... at least you'll have peace of mind tonight x

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