Air lock in plumbing pipes

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Lurcher100 | 15:56 Mon 29th Aug 2011 | Home & Garden
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Helo everybody,for some time now when the toilet (upstairs) is flushed there is a very loud noise as the cistern fills.This is lessened a little by running the sink taps.How do i cure this ? Thankyou all in advance.


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Could you describe the noise?
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The noise is like a very low bass note played on a brass instrument with some vibrating.
Try this:
1. turn off water at mains stop tap.
2. open all cold taps until water ceases to flow.
3. close every tap approx. two-thirds, then turn on water at stop tap.
4. adjust taps to get a small, even flow of water.
5. start at the bottom/lowest floor of house, and turn every tap until they are all half open, then all three-quarters open.
6. this should allow air to spurt out of the taps.
7. when water is flowing without spurting of air, turn off every tap in rotation, until only a dribble flows out.
8. close all taps.

Sorry I was so long at getting back; my computer is playing up.
Dirt in the valve seating.
It will not be air in the pipes, virtually impossible to get air into a cold mains feed. The rubber valve will not be seating properly against the inlet nipple, more than likely a piece of grit is there. Turn water off, dismantle valve assembly, clean and replace.
As Xpert has said, it's not likely to be an airlock. Try replacing the ballvalve on the inlet. If it's not that, then probably "water hammer"......... ie excess water pressure that causes an inlet valve to oscillate wildy under the pressure. If so, fit one of these ..................
Or simply turn the mains tap down untill it stops.
Mine is only open a little beause of this but the pressure is fine.
You say 'for some time now'. Can we assume then that it has not always done this?
Replace cistern ball-valve first.
Damp down rising main stopcock.
It's water hammer.
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Thanks everyone.
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Air lock in plumbing pipes

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