selling a house...(not as straight forward)

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wilkesneil | 19:24 Sat 06th Aug 2011 | Home & Garden
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where do i stand legally on selling my house (solely in my name only).
my ex who is in the house wants the house and i don't basically. she won't buy the house off me or get a mortgage to get her name on the property as i want my name off the property, yet today i received a letter from her solicitor stating 'our client wishes to remain in the property for the sake of the children as it is a family home and they are settled there, also our client wants the property transferred into joint names and want me to confirm whether an agreement can be arranged for this and that our client has a restriction registered against the property'
she had agreed with me to pay the mortgage each month but hasn't paid for 3 months now and the letters keep coming through the door.

i have a cash buyer waiting to purchase my house at market value and will keep her on as a tenant. where do i stand with selling it or has she got no hold over it.
i believe i've given her almost 6 months to sort a mortgage out to buy me out and she hasn't so i believe i've given her enough time.


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Law would be a better place for this, but, and no expert believe me, I think all the cards are in her favour. Anyway in law there are experts.
You can't just put her name on the mortgage. She would have to go through the relevant checks. The bank would decide....

Can she afford to get a mortgage on her own? If not, it's never going to happen and her solicitors know that.
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the bank won't add her to the mortgage but somehow she thinks the banks will change their minds with a solicitors letter.
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i've also placed the question in law now. didn't know where to put it at first.
Hi mate ..
She obviously can't afford it .. and in that situation probably never will.
Maybe they are hoping you are going to be the 'bail out' for when she can't pay.
My advice ... get her out .. separate your financial affairs as far as possible.
Or possibly get an agreement she would be a tenant of a new owner!
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cheers al, my thoughts exactly.
Good luck mate ... !

This is your second post about this, are you getting the same answers? People are answering both tonight.

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selling a house...(not as straight forward)

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