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redvanman | 11:12 Sat 16th Jul 2011 | Home & Garden
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Hi can any one please tell me if it is better to grow pumking plants in the greenhouse or out side THANKS


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Having never tasted Pumpkins what do they taste like?
16:21 Sat 16th Jul 2011
there's pros and cons for growing in either place - I do what's most convenient. Pumpkins are very greedy plants when the 'fruit' is growing so feed and water regularly. It is traditional to grow pumpkins on muck heaps btw - most large houses with stables do it that way - a good indication just how much food they need!
i thought that was the name of a potatoe
Oh, have I got it wrong then?
I don't think you are wrong, C ☺
A potatoe? .. or potato?
Ask Keith Lemon : )

Pumpkings? ... or Pumpkinks? .. or Pumpkins?

... ask me :)
My neighbours grow theirs outside - i think if you grow pumpkins inside, they will get very leggy (and you will have to keep on and on watering them).
Having never tasted Pumpkins what do they taste like?
depends how you cook them WR - boiled they are gross but roasted with a dash of olive oil - really delicious
lmao at leggy pumkins, the mental images....
Bland .. in a word : )
There are many varieties of pumpkin. Some are grown for eating, some are grown for making into lanterns at Hallowe'en. Don't even think about eating the latter. For the more edible ones. pumpkin soup and pumkin pie can both be quite yummy. It's all down to the recipe.
I'm growing Them Inside a green house and outside also and the ones outside are doing a lot better. They get more fresh air and rain water but the ones in the greenhouse are in more heat but get tap water. I find rainwater is better than tap water for most plants I grow. Tap water has been through all sorts of chemicals to clean it. I try to save rain water in buckets but it's been weeks since we have had any proper rain to fill my buckets up so I'v had to use tap water in the greenhouse.

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