What are these plants please?

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emeritus | 20:38 Sun 15th May 2011 | Home & Garden
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I saw these today when out walking, really striking display. Does anyone know what they are please ?


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Look like Alliums to me.
Onion family!
rather like my chives look at the moment.
Allium giganteum or ane of the cultivars lovely aren't they
Could be wrong but they look like chives to me...
Look like chives to me!..............
no def one of the big ones chive flowers are a different shape
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Thanks very much Albags they are the ones.

I should have known cupid as now you have said that they are a larger version of my Chives which are also in flower at the moment.
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Thanks to everyone

You cant get the scale from the photo but they are around a metre tall so definately not chives I think you are correct Rowan - They were very impressive
Oh right, definately Alliums then!..........they are lovely!................enjoy!............
just googled, don't know how accurate the information but chives only grow up to
a foot high, alliums grow up to four feet tall.
They are beautiful - what a lovely photo.
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They really are Den - Took a close up as well
Hi, they are aliums

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What are these plants please?

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