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georgit79 | 14:35 Sat 07th Mar 2009 | Property
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I recently moved house and the vendors' solicitors have lost contact with the vendors - I need to find out who my gas and electricity supplier is but assumed I'd just get a's been a couple of months now and I'm worried about getting stung with a massive bill and having to pay it as I haven't sorted anything out. How do I find out who my supplier is? Help! Or do I just contact one and set up an account?


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There aren't that many providers nowadays so you could phone them up and ask if your address has an account with them. You should know the previous owners name as well so that should make it easier.

I don't think it is a good idea to open a new account untill you have found this out otherwise you many at some point find yourself paying twice.
I'm guessing that you didn't contact them and provide a meter reading when you moved in then? You may still find yourself stung with a big bill...

Found this anyway:

The 'M Number Enquiry Line' (formerly Transco) provides gas consumers with a dedicated telephone number to establish who is the current registered gas supplier at their premises. The M Number Enquiry Line number is 0870 608 1524

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Gas and electricity

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