homebuyers survey needed?

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loulou06 | 17:31 Mon 01st Oct 2007 | Property
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i am looking into buying a property that is only 3 years old, its a purpose built flat. do you think that it is worth the cost of getting the homebuyers survey on a property as new as this? would the mortgage lenders valuation survey be sufficient? any advice appreciated. thanks.


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I would recommend that whenever buying a property, you should always get a survey done.
Depending on how you look at it, with a new house it could be more important to have a survey done as the house is still "settling" and therefore may have some defaults that otherwise may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Also for the sake of spending a couple of hundred pounds for the peace of mind is better than having to spend thousands to have something put right after the purchase.

Also most lenders will have a basic survey done anyway depending on the type of property being purchsed. This would normally be long as it is a survey and not just a "valuation"
To be honest, a homebuyers survey isn't worth the money. Either get a full survey or none at all.

You should, or get your solicitor, to check that the property has a NHBC warranty valid on it. I think this lasts for 10 years.
it does last for ten years but that also isnt worth the paper its written on, it doesnt cover everything all of the time

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homebuyers survey needed?

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