Double Glazing Indemnity Insurance

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stevecarla | 10:46 Tue 18th Sep 2007 | Property
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I purchased my home in July 07 which had been fitted with new windows and doors this year. Whilst going through the sale i was informed by the buyer the FENSA certificate would follow, this never did! I have now recieved a letter to say Indemnity insurance has been taken out, What does this mean? I spoke to my solicitor who dealt with the purchase as i have a problem with the windows to be informed that it only covers me when i sell the property on? Does this mean i am stuck with having to replace these new windows as there is a problem with how they have been fitted!


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Frankly your solicitor shouldn't have allowed this to happen. The FENSA certificate should have been evidenced BEFORE you completed the deal.
An indemnity policy is an 'acceptable' way around the problem and it will indemnify you for the costs in the event that Building Control find out (don't tell them), discover the windows are to an inferior standard of insulation and require them changed. The policy will cover you only so you will be expected to fund the cost of another single premium indemnity policy when you sell on (I suspect).
But the real issue is that you might have lower insulation standard windows than Government (Building Control) stds demand.
Replacement FENSA certificates can be obtained here - they are an independent certification body owned by the Glass & Glazing Federation. I wonder why your seller didn't just get a replacement certificate? - sounds fishy to me.
I had the same problem. I had some windows installed, didnt know anything about FENSA. When I came to sell 2 yrs later. The buyers solicitor asked for a FENSA certificate.

I spoke to my solicitor and explained that I never got one. I paid �50 for an indemnity insurance to cover the windows.

My buyer was happy, i was happy, job done.

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Double Glazing Indemnity Insurance

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