Neighbour Has Damaged My Property!

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maggiemcgill | 17:22 Tue 12th Jun 2007 | Property
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My neighbour has damaged my joining property (next door), during works & renovation on his property. I have photographic evidence, before & after. My neighbour is aware of all this and did promise verbally that he would remedy the situation, but has not taken any action to resolving the matter. Could someone please tell me what I can do to make sure that this problem is rectified & can I report the matter to the police as criminal damage to my property?


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p.s. this is a totally different subject to the ' water who's problem is it' question I posted a while back.
Unless he damaged your property with criminal intent, the police will not be interested.

This is a civil matter, and the damage has been caused either accidentally (the damage could not have been foreseen at all, or was caused by a fall or dropping something and so on) or negligently - the damage would have been foreseen and proper steps weren't taken to prevent it.

Have you spoken to your insurance company? Have you got legal expenses insurance?
I would write to him asking that he deals with the matter within say 4 weeks, if not you will get the work done and send him the bill.
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Hi Ethel, thanks for the answer. I have insurance, so maybe this is oone way to go, Cheers.
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Hi flyciderman, I've already tried this tactic, well over 8 months ago & paid foe something damaged. I've billed him more than once & still waiting...Cheers for the answer!
Take him to the small claims court

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Neighbour Has Damaged My Property!

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