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maggiemcgill | 19:19 Wed 23rd May 2007 | Property
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Please help! There is a patch of ground behind my property, which for the passed year has sprung a quite strong leak. I reported this to a guy who happened to be checking the grids in my area he put it on his check sheet and said he would get someone out. Six months later no came so I sent a letter to united utilities (no response). So I sent recorded letter to OFWAT, which sent UU flying round 1 week later. He tells me (just by looking at the spurt on the ground) that a main pipe has burst, it is not there problem and they will part bill all properties, if we don't cough up they will fix it and then sue us all for the money!
Surely all properties cannot be responsible for one leak.

Just before this leak happened the guy next door had a skip removed, the truck slipped its stabilisers, which slammed straight into the concrete and cracked it in the exact area. Is it his problem, UU's or all of us? This is residential/commercial property in the town centre. Thanks


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Who owns the ground above the leak? I'm pretty sure that water companies will and do charge you for any leaks / bursts that occur on your property.
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Thanks for the reply, the said area is sort of a grey area in terms as who owns it, but I think if it had to be pin pointed it would be the guy next door.
Where are the mains stop-valves for the properties in relation to this leak. UU are responsible for the supply pipe up to where it goes onto private property. There is normally a small (square) trap at this point covering the stopvalves.
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Hi Thanks for the reply, There is one stop tap attached the the end property (next door) and one underneath my outer stairs. So I guess that means it's up to us...Thanxs again.
Without wishing to drag this out needlessly there is usually a stop-valve inside and another one at the property boundary. UU have to be able to turn the water off at your property boundary.

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Who's Right Me or United Utilites

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