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cleoval | 00:43 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | Property
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Hi moving to Exeter or Plymouth this year.Can anyone recommend reliable Estate Agents in these Cities but not Your Move or Right Move.!

Also what are the names of the Newspapers in Exeter and Plymouth that have a property Website.Please? If you could send me a link to the websites or the email addresses that would be great.!


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Almost every estate agent in the country uses RightMove, Zoopla and/or OnTheMarket nowadays. (Ask yourself if you'd even consider selling a house through an agency that didn't use one of those listing services. I suspect that, like almost everyone else, including me, your answer would be 'No', simply because everyone wants maximum exposure for their property).

So, once you've looked at those three sites, you've almost exhausted the entire market. There are still a few niche listing sites though that you might want to consider (although they're generally for mega-expensive properties)

You can find the websites of estate agents in Exeter
and Plymouth
via but I doubt whether that will add much to your search.

The days when, for example, newspaper boys struggled with their loads on Saturday mornings in Sheffield (where I believe that you're currently based), due to the weight of the property supplement in the Sheffield Telegraph (or the Morning Telegraph, as it then was) are long since gone, due to the coming of the internet. Many local newspapers no longer exist in print format at all, with only online editions surviving. Even those that are online either have no property ads or alternatively provide only a feed into a national advertising service. That's how Devon Live (based in Plymouth) works, with their property ads link actually going to the national MarketplaceLive website:
(Devon Live and Plymouth Live, which carry much of the same content, are actually the websites of the Plymouth Herald).
Years ago, the Plymouth Herald used to do a property supplement on Thursdays...I read it religiously for a while.
I doubt very much that anything like that exists now...the cost alone to produce it would be prohibitive.
Now, I'd use the Zoopla site...all of the most reliable and trusted estate agents are on there. You can choose by price, location, type and style, number of bedrooms etc.
Express & Echo, Exeter
Plymouth Evening Herald.
Those 2 papers show the same properties. They both take you to the Devon Live page. Express and Echo is our local one and the big property pages are not there these days but you can find it online at Devon Live. Early this year cleoval was looking at moving to one of these but to a housing association place.
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Hello Shedman, I was looking at the beginning of the year at Housing Association but now I want to buy after a relative left me a sum of money.
Then in that case I would either look on Devon Live or go to Zoopla and find something or somewhere that you like the look of then go to that properties website and look for similar on there.
Can I ask why you have ruled out Your Move and Right Move, cleoval?
^^^ My guess, Barry, is simply that Cleoval has already looked on those sites and found nothing that meets her requirements. So she's hoping to find properties which aren't listed on either of them.
If that's the case, good luck, cleoval
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Years ago in my 20's in Newcastle I was a landlady.Too cut a long story short, I employed your move to serve notice on a bad Tennant.on purpose they kept my bad Tennant in my property for as long as possible while trying to get him to buy a house from them. It was conflict of interest and I had to hire a lawyer.I had to be practically carried from my lawyers office in distress thanks to Your Move.!
I didn't realise they had been in business that long.
Your Move and RightMove are totally different types of businesses.

Your Move is an estate agent, covering only very limited areas of the country. (They've not currently got a single property listed within 20 miles of our county town. Until I saw your post, I'd never even heard of them).

RightMove is an advertising portal for a vast number of different estate agents. They don't sell houses; they only provide a means of advertising them to potential buyers (in a similar way to how local newspapers have traditionally provided a way of advertising properties for sale). If you find a property you like on RightMove, you won't end up dealing with them but with the local estate agent who has that property on their books.

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Estate Agents In Exeter & Plymouth Query

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