Painting A Fence

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Kassee | 21:35 Thu 12th May 2016 | Property
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If you employ someone to paint your wooden fence, and you have concrete posts and concrete bottom, with wooden fence in between. Would you expect them to paint over the concrete with same paint, or round it. Am I being fussy ?


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Most definitely not paint the concrete
I'd expect only the fence panels to be stained / painted. I wouldn't want the concrete posts and gravel boards stained / painted.

Concrete is definite no paint area
Painting concrete might be easier than not painting it.
Take the panels out of the concrete framework, paint or treat, let dry and replace

Captain's cracked it.
I would expect them to do as I have instructed.
i would expect them to paint the fence panels only. It would be absurd to paint the concrete posts and bottom panel. You haven't had it done have you?
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Captain's advice is good. Take out the panels, repair as necessary, paint both sides, put back in concrete post slots.
Sincere apologies - I've posted my question in the wrong place!

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Painting A Fence

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