New Kitchen Require New Consumer Unit

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newbie99 | 18:49 Fri 06th May 2016 | Property
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Today I had a quote to fit a new kitchen and unfortunately the kitchen fitter says a new consumer unit is required.
What cost am I expected to pay? And what certification is provided by the electrician?
Thanks for your thoughts.


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It doesn't necessarily follow that a new Consumer Unit is needed for a new kitchen. It will depend on what alterations and/or additions have been specified for the electrical installation.

It may simply be that an RCD (earth leakage trip) is added to the system. Although........ for around £300-£350 plus VAT, it would be a good investment to upgrade an outdated system.

A registered electrician would give you a complete set of test documentation.
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I just inspected the incoming earthing (bonding) block to the consumer unit. The block only have one cable hole for the connection to the Coonsumer Unit earthing block. Does this poses a problem for the electrician to connect two additional new 10mm bonding cable form the bonding block to the stop cock tap and gas pipe?

Or could the electrician make the connection within the Consumer Unit bonding block?

That shouldn't be a problem for the electrician. He'll simply add another earth block and connect them together as necessary.

Cable size is important. He'll know what to use.

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New Kitchen Require New Consumer Unit

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