How Much Would It Cost Approx?

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Kathyan | 15:12 Sun 17th Nov 2013 | Property
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We have a small conservatory on the back of our house. I have severe arthritis and finding it more and more difficult to get upstairs. I have had an idea this morning of turning our conservatory into a downstairs toilet and utility room. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much it will cost please? The conservatory has a brick wall at the bottom and has two sides of windows and the front is a double door with narrow windows at each side. It's just over 2 metres square.


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You would not really be able to convert it and would have to have it rebuilt to comply with building regs. I would estimate about £14-£17k depending on the quality of fittings used internally. You may also need building regs. The Builder (one of the regulars on here) may be able to give more advice.
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Thanks Zacs. I thought there must be a catch! Would we need planning permission?
You may. Are you sure your sizing was right 2 x 2m is v small.
It would be cheaper to have a stair lift put in.
Unless you're in a Listed Building Kath, then there should be no Planning issue. There's no "Change of Use". It's simply still Domestic use.

Building Regs definitely. Rather than the expense of Architects drawings etc, have your builder put in a "Building Notice". No drawings, but the Building Inspector will discuss it with the builder, and work it out between them.

I guess you have a polycarbonate roof? That really would need to be upgraded to a conventional one with modern insulation.
The same might apply to the single skin brickwork as well. It's discussed on site, and really at the discretion of the B/Inspector. Preliminary discussions with him would tell you.

The other thing that makes it difficult to quote remotely, is where your drains are. They may not be handy, thus adding to the cost.
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It's a double skin wall and the drains run underneath the conservatory. I know that the roof will have to go and a 'proper' roof put on. I don't want an external door as it is now either. I have a builder who has done quite a lot of work for me, but I wanted to get a rough idea before I call him in!
Pretty straightforward then Kath. Since we have a little more information now, I think we could do better than Zacs original quote. It would have to be seriously problematical to be more than 10k. Work on 8-10k.

Plus any fiddling about to get Hot, Cold, and maybe heating pipework in there.
Nice one TB. I was thinking of gold fittings in the toilet ;-)
Haha........ really quite an easy conversion Zacs. There may well be extra cost if many of the windows have to be replaced with insulated studwork or masonry.

This kind of job tends to be more labour than materials or fittings.
Yes, I was working on a demolish and re build basis.
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There is also a radiator in there so that's another saving! By the time I call the builder, there won't be much for him to do!
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