is sheffield a good place to buy a house and retire to?

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Erwecken | 23:06 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Property
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I am selling up my flat and expect my share of the Housing Ass shared ownership to be £350,000 - after my costs, debts, redemption, selling and etc ., I shall have £100,000 to hopefully buy a 3-bedroom house. Looking for an area that would be suitable for an active gay couple in late 50s and early sixties- with no particular beef about the locality - except one which is not crime ridden, lacking in decent facilities and poor public transport. Not worried about schools, shopping malls, or being in the centre of everything. We had chosen Sheffield as it is cheaper, closer to the climbing areas of the Lakes, Pennines etc and because we cannot afford to maintain the high costs of getting older and poorer living in London


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You'll not get much in Sheffield for 100k................
I would think that £100k is a bit light for buying in any town. I think you should look out in the country.
Actually I'm gobsmacked that you can get something like this.................

You will not get much anywhere for £100,000 ! South Wales possibly but not chance much anywhere eles. Most places that won't buy a 1 bed flat.
I stand corrected
Huddersfield area has all that Sheffield has but is nicer and doesnt smell as bad.
Look in the outlying villages, not the centre.
Easy access to te pennines, 40 mins south of the dales, M62 - M6 for the Lakes and lots of nice Millstone Grit houses.
Good fish and chips too.......
I think the gay nightlife would be better in Sheffield..............
Having looked again at their interests you may be right shoota..........
I went to Sheffield.............Once.
I think I have just sold my house for £115,000. I say think, because this is the fourth time I have thought I had sold it and each time the sale has fallen through - and each time I have had to reduce the price. This is a council site in Bristol with its associated problems. So I think erwecken, you would be very lucky to get a house at so low a price. The one craft has shown us certainly seems very nice, and so it looks possible that you could buy one. Also there is another house for sale in my street that has been repossessed and the asking price is £110,000, which I am pretty certain you could get for £100,000. So yes, you might be lucky but you would have to be very careful to pick the right district. Don't forget the other costs that go with buying a house - solicitor's fees, estate agents fees, moving fees, all that sort of thing. Best of luck in your search.
My mate lives in Beauchief mic...............lovely area, like being in the countryside.
Friend from our local pub have just bought a 3 bedroom house in Doncaster for £86000 no idea what it's like there as I come from down sarf, they seem to love it up there though.
I live just outside Blackpool and the houses in my street sell for around £85,000 for a 2/3 up 2 down terraced. It is a nice area so the price isn't affected by crime etc.
You would be surprised what you can get for £100,000 in some northern areas.

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is sheffield a good place to buy a house and retire to?

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