Where would be a suitable area to buy land to build a log home?

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RATTER15 | 22:17 Tue 14th Feb 2012 | Property
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Our dream is to build a log home but we know that there will be objections from planners, are different parts of the country more accepting of this type of home and if so where would be a good place to start looking for land.

We never done this type of thing before and not really sure where to start.


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Near a forest
RATTER, where are you happy to look in the UK?.....there are lots of places here in South Wales where this might be possible, but where do you want to live?..........
I've heard Caithness in the north east of Bonnie Scotland is quite homebuilder friendly and it's spectacular.
Come up to Scotland, most of it is empty and no-one will notice it.
beware the midges in caithness
Douglas It will probably need road access so doesn't that rule out about 99.9% of it?
In the UK?
Och, it's only about three months of the year that you have to dodge the wee buggers and they're worse on the west coast. Mind you the ones that mutated up at Dounreay are a bit scary. :P
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welshlibranr, We would be happy to move to South Wales, been there a few times and loved it, im also half welsh, my Mother was born and raised in Tredegar.

You reckon these types of home would be more acceptable in South Wales?
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We would rather stay in the uk due to my work, im not sure about Scotland, possibly!
maybe RATTER, lots of land to be had here, and sure it won't cost loads, need to be a bit careful where though!........
I have to say deciding where to live by this criterion is a bit odd.
Have you found this website Ratter?

On a serious note it sounds like a great idea, there are plenty of companies out rhere who will supply you and help with planning permission etc . but just where is a personal thing only you can decide
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Hopkirk, sometimes ODD is better than BORING :))
RATTER, had a look at the link from jomfli, some really nice areas there, but some not so nice ones too!....have a look, and then ask me about the area!....i am happy to be of help!.....
I am in the south west and there are a lot of holiday parks with that sort of thing and I have driven past a beautiful stand alone one, on the way to Plymouth from north Cornwall.

Planning for that sort of thing 'seems' to be more frequent than affordable homes.

Worth a look maybe?

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Where would be a suitable area to buy land to build a log home?

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