Is an Earth Spike mandatory?

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Stargazer | 17:57 Sun 16th Oct 2011 | Property
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I have been advised that I need an RCD unit and also an Earth Spike. Is the latter now mandatory or am I being mislead. If I am not having new electrical work done within my property is it still njecessary to have these either one or both items please?


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Sorry The Builder but I couldn't locate your answer.
A good earth is essential and an RCD is most advisable. Either could save your life!!
If you have a TT system you require a ground electrode e.g. a rod or mat.These systems have earth fault loop values generally of 50 ohms plus.These values are too high and dont comply with BS7671.To achieve the safe disconnection times required, a 30ma RCD/RCBO will be needed.You cant be forced to have one unless you require a satisfactory periodic certificate. Equally you cant be forced not to play blind mans buff on the M25!!!
If you use a local heating engineer to do your boiler instead of BG you could use the saved cash to update the electrics.:-))
Agree there.
Get a local electrician to check for any earthing requirement .. and use local plumbers .. not those costly BG lot!
An Earth spike is a very important part of any electrical sytem. Without it the radio frequency bypass filter capacitors in most modern electronic equipment will cause the chassis of the equipment to become charged with a small AC voltage that will be experienced as a tingle to anyone who touches it.

This voltage is developed between the equipment and the ground due to the earthing of equipment in other consumer's circuits.

Moreover the effectiveness of RCD units is enhanced by the presence of the earth spike.

RCDs are one of the most effective devices ever introduced to electrical circuits. Only a fool would try to avoid including them.
I don't think we should alarm people, Beso. Don't forget, as Brighty and I have said earlier........ only TT systems need an earth rod. Most domestic systems are TNCS ........ very different.

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Is an Earth Spike mandatory?

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