Looking for a higher toilet for elderly parents

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melashley | 18:29 Wed 02nd Feb 2011 | Interiors
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Hello, does anyone know where I could purchase a toilet that sits higher than 380mm off the floor to the top of the pan ? Ideally around 450mm -480mm high. Currently using a 4" toilet seat but it is very unsightly ! Thanks, Mel.


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You can buy special high seats to fit standard toilets.

Is this high enough?
Sorry,couldn't resist!
link doesn't work, invictas, it says we have to log in?
Sorry, I missed the bit about the 4" seat you're using. I'd contact a specialist in disabled bathroom equipment and ask.
Works for me boxtops,sorry.
Could you not simply mount a standard toilet on a plinth at the desired height?

How about one that doesn't sit on the floor, but is fitted to the wall, like that in this link? You could have one of those fitted at whatever height you like.
I've googled "disabled high toilets" - there are a few sites, here's one of them http://www.disabledto...ntland_WC_Suite_.html - not cheap though.
Correction boxtops,it DID work for me.
I will try and get it by another route,Thanks.
I've always been worried about breaking them off the wall, naomi, particularly if the sitter is a heavy person!
My Grandad has an electric one that highers and lowers. Cost about 3k though...
Hopefully this one WILL work?

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Looking for a higher toilet for elderly parents

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