How to disguise fire surround??

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BrookeBond | 20:16 Sat 11th Jul 2009 | Interiors
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Hi, all our living room furniture is a walnut type colour and it really suits the cream walls etc - the problem being is that when we bought the house we inherited a beech style fire surround which is nice and simple but the colour doesn't obviously go with the room now. It's a kind of laminate feel which means that we aren't able to sand it and stain it to match however we can't really afford to replace it at the moment - does anyone have any idea on what we could do to it?
Any ideas appreciated. Thanks x


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Spray paint is an excellent choice for something like this, and there are spray paint primers available. Take care to ensure that no other furnishings, walls or sufaces become exposed when you are spray painting. Once you have the colour on, you can then stencil over in another colour, if you wish to add a nice pattern to the surround.
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Zac - don't you think it a bit of a waste to make it less of a feature. A fire surround can be one of the main focal points, and, if done properly, can add real character to a room.
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Has it occurred to you, Zac, that the OP may wish to disguise its current appearance, to stop it from disrupting the colour scheme in that room?
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Zac - I hate to tell you, but Interior Design is what I do for a living. I am currently working on three projects in Spain, hence my constant travel back and forth.
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Hi All,

Thanks for the great suggestions - i thought it was hopeless. Sorry about the confusion with 'disguise' i really just meant how i would be able to match it to the rest of the wood colour. But i actually never thought of painting it the colours of the wall to make it blend it - might need to give it some thought.
Thanks again everybody - i've lived with it like this for 2 years so now it's on it's way to a makeover!!

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How to disguise fire surround??

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