Cleaning contaminated utensils

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lonedad | 01:32 Thu 29th Jan 2009 | Interiors
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Hi all

I got home today after being out for most of it to find that my kitchen had been flooded. The floor and a work surface was soaking wet as well as the draining board. The sink was filled with soap suds. As I live in a housing association flat, I called their repair line to report it and they sent a plumber out straight away. He told me that my waste water pipe was connected to the 2 flats immeadiatly above me and that the pipe had become blocked over time with grease and other nasties. The only way to clean this would be to send up a pipe and blast it with water. because this machine would be noisy, there is a time restriction on it so they will have to come back in the morning.
Ive lost all my dry herbs, 2 massive boxes of washing powder, my toaster, my iron and lots of other stuff.
On my draining board were a few pans, knives, forks, spoons, a couple of mugs and some plates. Will I be able to save these? Does anyone know of a good way to clean this up? Ive had the heating on in there since ive been back just so I can dry the place out a bit so I can begin cleaning. It looks like the water is other peoples old dish water and washing machine water.
The housing association are going to have a compensation claim for all this!!!


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I would soak all your utensils in a bleach solution
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How would I go about that? I have stainless steel chopping knives and a couple of pans. Also, there are some seives, a mixing bowl and graters. All very expensive as well. I have put them in the bath and poured a great deal of boiling water over them for most of the day with some washing up liquid in there.
I am high on bleach at the moment!!!!
Take them to a mate with a dish washer - that is what my niece was advised when something similar happened

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Cleaning contaminated utensils

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