Blinds for French Doors

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luckyfish | 12:26 Fri 20th Jun 2008 | Interiors
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Please will someone help me.

I'm looking for venitan blinds for my french doors - but i want the kind that attach to the door itself and cover only the window.
I have seen them in pictures and also when house hunting, so i know they definatly exist
Been doing google & ask jeeves searches all morning but haven't been able to find them.

Does anyone know where i can buy these??


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as you describe these, they would be techincally a 'shutter' - we have large pation doors in our kitchen which leads to the garden and we had Hilary's blinds to come out and fit roller blinds to cover the glass only, i like you wanted venetian, but there was a pitfall, if you can image if you 'pulled them up' to fully expose all the glass, half of the window/door would be totally covered with the 'pulled up slats' where as shutters remain fixed and you only tilt the slats, but the prices are so expensive....see website ... shutters/memphis.php
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Good point My Angel Pie...
Will have a look at the link and another think.
Thanks for your help :)
I presume that you are looking for horizontal venetian blinds. Any blind shop will fit them and they dont work out that expensive. As they fix them to the door, they fix them near the top so that when you pull them up they dont cover the glass and you can tilt them to block the light just the same as shutters. you can get them loads of widths of the slats and in multidues of colours, so thar you could pick something to match the door and it would look like shutters - the only disadvantage as I see it is that when you pull them up, you have a long cord to secure to keep it safe from kids and animals. I presume that your doors open in the way so this is the only way to go - if they open out the way, you can fit normal venetian blinds into the fram to cover the whole gap and you don't need t worry about the doors hitting them as they open.
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thanks for your help annie :)
we're still looking for the perfect window dressing so i'm grateful for your answer
The blinds you are looking for are called Perfect Fit Blinds. This type of blind comprises of a Venetian or Pleated Blind which is attached to a frame and then the frame is attached to the window without any drilling or the need for screws.

Visit =8 to view our wide range of Perfect Fit Blinds and to get a quick quote for your window size.

If you do require any more help please feel free to get in touch.

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Blinds for French Doors

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