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scoob101 | 23:47 Wed 18th Jun 2008 | Interiors
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Mrs Scoob here, I was told the best thing to clean our leather settee is LUX soap flaxes, we were told this by a saleswoman in SCS where we bought it.
Has anyone else heard or tried this and if so where can I buy it from.
Also a question from my Dad, he is looking for a powder toothpaste he thinks was called eucryl, anyone heard of it and if so where can I get it for him (or is he just loosing ). Thanks in advance


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My friend used to use Lux flakes for her leather sofas... seemed to be ok and afterwards she put a leather preserver on them. Not sure where you buy it though, would try supermarkets.
Gosh I remember Eucryl tooth powder havn't seen it for years tho'. aha!! google it .......Wilkinsons sell it online.�2.29 . But I didn't like it very much I just liked wetting the toothbrush and pressing it onto the powder!!!! Well I was only young.!!
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Thanks ness but I have tried supermarkets and cant find it, nice one Naomi I ll order him some from Wilko.
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Nobody calls their sofa a "settee" any more.

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as usual JJ gotta get her gob in and as usual nothing constructive to say, you must lead a sad lonely life.

Oh. Sorry :-((

I too have used Lux because it was recommended to me by a upholsterer, also Dreft - thats what i`m using now.Both as good as each other.
it's the skin of an animal, what would you wash your dog with?
Cor. Havent heard of it for years. We used to use it, and leave it in our (tourer) caravan. We used to get from Boots, but not sure if it is still available.
Lux flakes are pure soap and that is wht they told you to use them. Any kind of pure soap will do. Try a bar of simple soap sold at most supermarkets that should work just as well if you cannot find Lux.
Oh yes and by the way Asda sell Eucryl.!!
i call my sofa a settee
If you go to any South African shop they will sell Lux Flakes. they are actually little bits of grated soap from a block of soap- also Eucryl toothpaste is available from South Africa as well.

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