A good leather upholster cleaner required

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eyeshade | 09:12 Wed 11th Jun 2008 | Interiors
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We purchased a cream leather suite a few weeks ago, and am still trying to find a good cleaner and protector for this. None of the DIY shops seem to sell any sort of barrier - can anyone recommend a good one please?


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our local tesco has both wipes and fluid. I bought a pack of the wipes to clean DH's car seat with where some dear mechanic had planted his oily boot....worked very well and has brought up the shine on the seat nicely (car was used when we got it, in good nick but seats deffo not like new) The stuff is called Lord something or other and smells like cherries and almonds
think it could be lord sheriden , woofgang is talking about , it is a good make .
An upholster told me to clean my leather suite with Dreft. I just make up a weak solution in warm water and wipe the suite down. I`ve found it better than leather wipes and not had any problems with it.
Apparantly the kit you get in Ikea is very good - so a friend with a lemon coloured leather sofa told me. I bought one, but have never used it - my sofa is red and doesn't seem to show anything, In 4 years, all I have ever done is wipe of the odd fingerprint with a damp cloth. Get red next tme is my recommendation!

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A good leather upholster cleaner required

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