wallpaper over wallpaper?!

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shinkypink19 | 21:56 Sun 13th Jan 2008 | Interiors
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Hi all!
Bought a house in July and after months of hacking off plaster and doing major renovation works - we are down to doing the decorating - which i thought would be the easy bit - but I've changed my mind!!!
Ceiling is in an old fashioned anyglypta (sp?) wallpaper - we are putting in a new light fitting and have replastered a small area of it - so as well as being old and uncool, it's slightly damaged - what are our options?
a) strip wallpaper and re-paper (hoping ceiling doesn't fall down with ancient wallpaper)
b) patch over wallpaper with similar, but not same paper, paint and hope for the best
c) wallpaper over the anyglypta?

Any advice wou;d be appreciated!
thanks :)


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I agree, if you're gonna live there do a decent job.

A few years ago we had a similar situation and followed a suggestion from a neighbour. Stripped the wallpaper and glued home-made softboard tiles to the ceiling with contact adhesive.

The 2'x1' tiles were cut from sheets of softboard with a little swirly pattern on it. The edges were beveled a bit to give that 'tile' look. The tiles were fixed in a distinct pattern 45� to the wall giving a very striking ceiling.

It is a bit of work but when finished it was worth it.

Just one idea.
Never never ever ever paper over anaglypta,
If the ceiling comes down, what the heck, plasterboard is cheap enough, and easy to put back up,as cleversod and wildwood says, do it properly or you'll never be happy with it.
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You should NEVER paper over wallpaper, always strip it, if you do it properly, it doesn't take too long.

One house I moved into, every room had more than one layer of wallpaper. The Hall stairs and landing was the worst with over 10 layers of paper! I never regretted stripping all the rooms back to plaster as it was a lot easier decorating in the future!

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wallpaper over wallpaper?!

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