Grannies sofa ?????

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DirtyHabit | 21:11 Sun 16th Sep 2007 | Interiors
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What are the sets of covers called that my Nan had on the arms and headrest area of the sofa........and can you still get them??? Where


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I think the correct name is antimacassar. You can still get at shops like Damart (who also do a catalogue) They are called chair backs and chair rests about �9.99 for a set.
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Thank you. I now know what I am looking for. I will have a look around our local charity shops
dunelm do them my mother was going to buy some i would not let her as they dont look very nice ......
for info anti-macassars were used in edwardian times to protect furniture from hair-oils, particularly maccasar oil. This comes from the macassar area of celebes and is a mix of oil from the ylang-ylang tree, coconut oil and other ingredients. And we all thought ylang-ylang was a new ingredient in hair care!!

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Grannies sofa ?????

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