Cleaning Painted Doors

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chokkie | 16:01 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Interiors
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Hi DIY ABers out there .... wonder if you can help, please. We're having a new kitchen fitted at the moment and, of course, the two doors to our kitchen (one from the hall into the kitchen and the other from the kitchen into the side internal passageway), both gloss painted are absolutely filthy now. They will eventually be re-glossed or new doors altogether, but in the meantime, we're not having much luck getting them clean and presentable. Any suggestions as to what we can use to get them looking cleaner, please? In addition, one of the doors is half-glazed, with a sort of crinkly, non see-through glass) and lots of the muck has got into the "crinkles" of the glass .... Would be grateful for some advice as to the best way to get them looking reasonable again ... cheers, Chox.


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Sugar soap is good for cleaning paintwork.
My mum always used warm water and sugar soap. Assume you can still buy this.
"crinkles" in the glass can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and washing up liquid. Dry with lint free dishtowel.
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Many thanks guys, appreciate your suggestions. can't do anything, of course, until the kitchen is all finished,but those doors really need attention! Cheers, Chox.
Flash do a Bicarbonate of Soda spray which is very good
Sugar soap is still available at all DIY stores and builders merchants and is probably the best for cleaning dirt and grease off. Be aware though that it may take the shine off gloss finish.
You can buy Soda Crystals in any supermarket, only about £1.
I find a liquid sold by Elbow Grease very good for wiping down paintwork.
Ah, driftwood glass, the memories flood in. :-).

Dampened steel wool can deal with grime and any overpaint.

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Cleaning Painted Doors

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