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pussyfoot | 22:05 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | Interiors
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I want a new carpet, but I'm totally confused with all the different sorts there is now! Tredaire, Plush walk, cloud 9??? I've read up on the different ones & they all seem much the same to me and not surprisingly they all claim to be the very best. I only remember the old green rubber sort (yep! I'm that old) and now there's an array of types. I'm looking for something bouncy & warm, one floor is concrete and one is vinyl tiles. Any help/views would be appreciated.


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A good underlay is worth it - you'll notice the difference - it's like walking on a sponge

Plus it should prolong the life of the carpet
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Thanks, Bazile that's what I'm looking for, but as I said all the different brands claim to be the best. Do you know which are the better ones from all the choices?
The Expert Reviews website is one that I thoroughly trust, as it's run by the publishers of well-respected magazines such as Computer Act!ve and PC Pro, as well as highly-regarded websites such as TechRadar and Tom'sGuide.

As those titles might suggest, I usually turn to Expert Reviews when seeking recommendations in the field of technology but they also cover other fields, including that of 'home and garden'. I thoroughly commend their website to you, as a totally trustworthy source of genuinely independent advice:
Just asked a top UK carpet expert for you, Pussy. He would say Cloud 9 Connoisseur is the best underlay to give you what you want.
I can't hear the word "Underlay" without thinking of Speedy Gonzales ...
Oh bums! Neither will I now, Ellipsis!
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Thank you all for the help....Ellepsis - that's my entire weekend ruined
We had cloud 9 under a few carpets and it's like walking on a cushion of air. This time though we opted for the next one down from it as I now have a balance problem and found the cloud 9 too soft.
Haha, welcome to the club gness and pussyfoot!

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