Flueless Gasfires

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Palustris | 15:16 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Interiors
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Not sure where to ask this so have put it here. Has anyone got a flueless gas fire fitted? If so since one has to have a ventilation brick in the room with tone, how much of a draught do you get through the brick?


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Sorry about the extra 't' on one.
Nevet heard of a 'Flueless Gas Fire' They always produce some fumes and Carbon MonOxide that MUST be vented to the outside ! So a ventilation brick is essential !! The brick will have Louvres so you do not get a 'Straight through draught' We had such a Gas fire and it was never a problem .
Depends on the fire. Is it "through the wall" to the outside like a gas boiler, or is it a regular fire going up a flue?
Fires only produce Carbon Monoxide Eddie when they are burning with incomplete combustion. Correctly burning fires produce only Carbon Dioxide and water vapour.

Fluless fires use a catalytic converter to remove emissions, but will require an air vent to outside.
I imagine you're talking about the wall-mounted modern fires that don't even need a flue, as they are clean-burning.

A vent is essential. It'll always let in a draught in windy weather..... but siting it can overcome this.

Either site the vent away from prevailing winds, or better still, fit it very near to the fire so that cold air is quickly used without passing through the whole of the room.

Suspended (timber) floors are ideal. Put the vent in the floor, right under the fire. Again, cold air bypasses the room.
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calor gas heaters dont have flues User Recommendation

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Flueless Gasfires

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